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Prouct beskrywing

PSA Oxygen Generator for cylinder making & filling system

TECHRAY oxygen generator for cylinder making & filling system is PSA oxygen generator and oxygen compressor,which can produce oxygen and fill the oxygen cylinder on site. It is more economy, more convenience, more independent and one-stop generation and storage center. You can fill the cylinder by yourself as you want. 


TECHRAY's the PSA technology process for the generation of oxygen gas from compressed air utilizes the ability of Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) to absorb mainly nitrogen. While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the ZMS, the qualified purity of oxygen will be produced.

Product Details:

1. Modular oxygen generator and filling Machine

Intelligent Modular Oxygen Pant

Launched new design of modular oxygen generator in the world with its advantage of preventing molecular sieve powder, precise control, high output and low consumption, convenient maintaining and repairing, low noise and no need certification of pressure vessel.

         suier kompressor                                                                      diafragma kompressor  

Characteristics of diaphragm compressor:

The sealing performance is very good, the compression medium is not in contact with any lubricant, and it is suitable for compressing gas with extremely high purity; the cylinder has good heat dissipation performance, which can adopt higher compression ratio.

2. Lugverwerker


ons hele stelsel om in verskillende omgewings te werk, soos:

  •  Hoëkoue tipe suurstofgenereringsisteem

  • Hoogland tipe suurstofgenereringsisteem

  • Hoë temperatuur en humiditeit tipe suurstofgenereringsisteem

  • Hoë-sout tipe suurstofgenereringsisteem

3. Lugkompressor en lugdroër

Deeply Cooperated with the global top 500 companies--KOBELCO for air compressor and dryer 

customization. And equipped return temperature device in Dryer

4.  Lithium molecular sieve

The particles are large and hard which is difficult to be pulverized, the adsorption capacity of nitrogen is 150% higher than that of traditional adsorbent and the separation coefficient of oxygen and nitrogen has increased from 3 times to 6 times.

5. PCL  controller (SIMENS)

Programmable controller which is more precise, stable control and customized programming can control single,double or multi units

6. Optimale pneumatiese pendelklep

Aangenome optimale pneumatiese pendelklep het voordele van 'n klein voorkoms, kompakte struktuur, hoë sensitiwiteit, akkurate uitvoering, vinnige skakelaar, die beste seëlprestasie en die lewensduur is meer as 1 miljoen keer.

7. Suurstofanaliseerder

Aangenome veranderlike frekwensie ioonvloei suurstofanaliseerder met ioonvloei suurstofsensor. Dit het 'n hoë-werkverrigting ARM-mikroverwerker, meting met 'n hoë suiwerheid en 'n hoë presisie-opsporing

8. Impedansie saamgestelde demper

Die impedansie saamgestelde demper het die voordele van 'n breë frekwensieband, wye aanwending en 5-10 keer geraasvermindering

9. Afstandmoniteringstelsel

24 hours unguarded; Human-computer interaction; Alarm function; Data monitoring; Full network connection

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