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Deur admin In Kuns, Nuus Geplaas 2021-11-15

Techray science and Technology Industrial Park has successfully completed the top floor construction .

techray oxygen plant industrial

On November 8, 2021, the capping ceremony of phase I of Techray science and Technology Industrial Park is successfully completed. Senior leaders of Techray and leaders from construction unit Hunan Guangwei Construction Co., Ltd. and supervision unit Hunan xinkegao Construction Co., Ltd.have happily witnessed this grand moment.   

Techray Technology Industrial Park is located in the southwest corner of the intersection of Chayuan road and Chayuan No. 2 Road in the high tech Zone, with a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan and a construction area of more than 40000 square meters. It is constructed in two phases. After the successful completion of the capping ceremony, the leaders and their delegation visit, inspect the implementation and construction of the blueprint of the industrial park, and imagine the aerobic office and living environment in the future. 

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The golden beam pulls out the earth for thousands of years, and the jade column holds the sky, and everything prospers. From the initial conception of the industrial park to the completion of the towering main building, the capping ceremony of Techray science and Technology Industrial Park means that the construction of the industrial park has entered a major engineering node.

"Bio aerobic" office building to create a new urban life in the future

By combining the concepts of "bio friendly" and "aerobic", Techray has built the first "bio friendly aerobic" office building in China. It aims to bring nature into the office space. By integrating natural elements, oxygen, waterfall ions and other elements into the industrial park design, it can not only bring comfortable office environment and "green" visual experience to employees, but also provide a healthier, more intelligent and more human office space,  greatly improving the office efficiency. 

The reform of office environment is an important step in creating a future city. The "bio aerobic" office building to meet the physical and mental health needs of employees will become a new trend of office design in the future.

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