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Eerste Nobelprys van 2019: Suurstof bepaal die menslike lot, nuwe behandelings vir siektes kom?

Deur admin In Kuns, Nuus Geplaas 2019-10-14

Eerste Nobelprys van 2019: Suurstof bepaal die menslike lot, nuwe behandelings vir siektes kom?

On October 7, 2019, the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to American scientists William Kerin and Greg Semenza and British scientist Peter Ratcliffe for their contributions to "the discovery of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen supply.

the discovery of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen supply

Cancer, tumors and aging have long been topics of human concern. This year's Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology illustrates the role of hypoxia in promoting the growth and metastasis of cancer. Ratcliffe explained, "Oxygen is essential for most organisms, and maintaining oxygen balance is a major physiological challenge facing all large animals. 

Hypoxia is an important cause of many human diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke, vascular disease and anemia.

Humans and animals need oxygen to unlock the energy in their food. Without oxygen, there is no life. Techray Medical, which is committed to the healthy oxygen industry, is a cooperative brand of the Joint Logistics Department of the Central Military Commission.Relying on its strong core technology advantages and personalized integration advantages, it has deeply cultivated the oxygen industry and focused on oxygen production,and has made a new breakthrough contribution to China's basic medical industry one after another.

Building oxygen medical research institute

techray Medical has been a highly innovative technical team, aiming at the effective treatment of acute and chronic hypoxic diseases by oxygen therapy, and cooperating with the relevant international professional molecular sieve oxygen research institutions and well-known universities to establish a technical, professional and systematic research institute of oxygen medicine. Focusing on oxygen and medical treatment, oxygen and health, to create a professional level of high-end oxygen medicine research platform.

Diversified oxygen therapy research results

Whether it is a diseased patient or a normal person, a certain amount of oxygen supplementation is required in the natural environment to improve the blood oxygen saturation in the body. As a member of the China Medical Molecular Sieve Center Oxygen Production Standard Compilation Committee and the winner of the China Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Production System Flagship Award, Techray Medical has successfully built a multi-system of "medical oxygen, civil oxygen, and plateau oxygen" to drive research and development as a whole.

In terms of medical oxygen use,in order to promote the healthy development of large and medium-sized hospital oxygen, research and development of the fourth generation of intelligent medical oxygen system, relying on PSA oxygen technology, "four generations + four main" innovative technology, leading the traditional twin- tower oxygen to modular oxygen upgrade, leading a single oxygen production to "adapt to multi area" oxygen production transformation.

the fourth generation of intelligent medical oxygen system

At the same time, for the primary hospital market, Terra Medical has innovated and developed MZ and TZ medical grade cloud oxygen intelligent integration system, which fundamentally solves the four major problems of unsafe, untimely, uneconomic and uncontrollable oxygen use in primary hospitals.

Medical psa oxygen generator system for small oxygen

In the aspect of highland oxygen use. Techray Medical specially set up a research team to study plateau oxygen, and put forward the "three-in-one" comprehensive solution for plateau oxygen use for the first time. With the unique form of diffused oxygen + micro-pressure oxygen + ecological oxygen, to help the plateau to comprehensively solve the problem of low oxygen and low pressure. Under a certain pressure environment, the human body absorbs oxygen to increase the oxygen concentration in the body, improve the arterial blood oxygen content, avoid the damage to the organism caused by excessive low oxygen signal, and fundamentally solve the problem of hypoxia in the plateau.

In the aspect of highland oxygen use

In terms of civil oxygen, based on the foundation of medical oxygen, we develop new products belonging to the civilian oxygen market, which can effectively achieve the effects of enhancing resistance, restoring fatigue, beauty and anti-sub-health by cooperating with pressure, energy field and essential oil, etc.

This year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to the field of cellular hypoxia research, allowing us to more thoroughly understand the molecular mechanisms of malignant tumor angiogenesis and metastasis in the future. It has laid the foundation for human understanding of how oxygen levels affect cellular metabolism and physiological function. Their discoveries also pave the way for new strategies to combat anemia, cancer and many other diseases.

In the future, Techray Medical will also continue to innovate in the field of oxygen to find new breakthrough points for human oxygen therapy, create new products that are more economical and safer, and promote the development of human oxygen health.

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